Thursday, May 1, 2008

Human Chimp Hybrids and more

*"Ethical dilemma" is a little too nice. Making chimp/human hybrids is sick.

*Of course, when plants and animals have more rights than unborn humans, why not cross animals and humans?

*Want to read what two great Catholic women think about the future of the Church (two women I have come to admire for their clarity and great writing)? Then check out Amy Welborn and Sherry Weddell's recent posts.

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Undecided said...

I think the reason they are doing this is so that they can do research on stem cells. They probably figure that if the stem cells don't have a complete set of DNA they will be able to do whatever they want with them.

Also did you hear that rumor is that Planned Parenthood is making there super sized clinics to do research. Makes me wonder if this will make it's way into one of those labs.