Monday, May 12, 2008

The Church vs. The Culture - round 2,312,094,858

*I think that many people still expect the Pope to step out on to his balcony one day and tell the world that the Church's teaching on contraception was all a big mistake. Otherwise, why write a headline that sounds as if we are surprised that the Pope supports what the Church teaches?
"Pope Benedict Praises Vatican Teaching Against Birth Control".

*Archbiship Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, KS has told the governor not to receive communion and to apologize for her support of abortion. Strong words and he did it the right way. He didn't bring it to the public, until he tried the private pastoral approach first. But, since she refused his directive, he has no choice.

UPDATE - Here is the Archbishops column on the subject, which is masterful in my opinion. Also, read Ed Peters great commentary on the issue from a canon lawyer's perspective.


matthew archbold said...

Newsflash "Pope Still Catholic."
In other news "Bears are not Potty-trained and Often go #2 in the Woods."

Marcel said...

Matthew - Nice.

In other news Jesus claims to be the Messiah.

Geoff said...

"Masterful" is right. It is so comforting to know that there are bishops who take their vocation as shepherds seriously. Archbishops like Naumann and Egan (also recently in the news) are a great encouragement to me in these times of ambiguous national leadership.

Four years ago I worried that bishops were soft on politicians, but it looks like many of them have private agreements with politicians.

Naumann followed the biblical model of conflict resolution: he admonished Sebelius in private first, then consulted Kansan brother bishops, then took it to the church more publicly. His intent was more urgent to save the governor's soul than even to save thousands more from scandal.