Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday Morning Tidbits - End of Apr. Edition

*Here is a sad and interesting site. The purpose is the following:
Phasing out the human race by voluntarily ceasing to breed will allow Earth's biosphere to return to good health. Crowded conditions and resource shortages will improve as we become less dense.
You stop having kids and I will have 5. By the time they all grow up, my thought-process wins.

*Ethanol gives us the following:
More than l00 million people are being driven deeper into poverty by a “silent tsunami” of sharply rising food prices, which could threaten U.N.-backed feeding programs for 20 million children.
World Bank President Robert Zoellick said this week that surging food costs could translate into “seven lost years” in the fight against worldwide poverty, and that 33 countries are at risk of social upheaval.
As Mark Shea said, "
One tank of gas for an SUV = Food for one person for a year. - Obscene". I agree. Ethanol is not the answer to the fuel problems and we need to quickly reverse our laws about it.

*Some think that we will have another new Pope sooner rather than later. I say, only God knows.

*Canada is leading the way down the cultural slippery slope now.

*Cardinal Egan vs. Rudy Giuliani. Round 1.

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