Friday, April 4, 2008


*This post, by Carl at Ignatius Insight, on how illogical the abortion rights activists are demolishes many of the convenience and lifestyle arguments about the subject. Do yourself a favor and give it a read, but be ready for some very sad statements from the pro-abortion crowd.

*A great post by Jen - an atheist-turned-Catholic - about deathJen. Then you get a pretty funny twist at the end of the reflection.

*A few blogs that will be added to the blogroll soon:*Some cute kids playing (Thank God for their Mother!):

Playing with daddy. She literally smiles like this all the time. I just wish everyone looked at me like her, because I could never be sad again!

Playing in the clover.

Playing with a big snake.

Playing with a zebra.

Just playing.


Jennifer F. said...

Thank you for the link! Also, did I see a notice recently that you're giving a talk at our church (St. William)? Someone named Marcel is coming to speak and I was wondering if it was you.

Marcel said...

It is me. If you come to the presentation, then come introduce yourself.