Friday, April 11, 2008

Pope Benedict - USA - 2008

A clearinghouse of information on the Pope's trip to the USA (note that some are not Catholic and some are better than others):
Here are blogs covering the visit.
Welcome Pope Benedict XVI!
Let me know if you have any other helpful resources.


wilbau said...

With all due respect.

Last year I reported on a special (German language)blog about Pope Benedict's visit to Austria in September 2007. There are also photos and slide shows of this visit and some text of the former theologian Ratzinger.
If you don't mind I put the link to this blog here:

I am sure that the Pope's visit to the USA will be an immense blessing, as it was in Austria.

mchenning said...

Marcel, thanks for creating this index -- most useful!

BTW, in Amy Welborn's blog postings today, there's a HT to you for compiling these resources. She also mentions St. Mary's ministry to Ags, which is fruitful indeed. God bless y'all, and ...