Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Some friends who have a wonderful Catholic family of 9 kids, all home-schooled, are in the final 10 of a $25,000 college scholarship contest (and the parents are Aggie Catholics if you needed more incentive). They created a great video, but now need your votes to help them win. Go here to vote for them (yes, you have to fill out a short registration).


Jean M. Heimann said...

I voted -- hope they win!That's certainly a cute video.

I have been a Floridian for 38 years and when you move here my retirement house will be paid for ha ha said...

I sympathize but back in 1981 there was no UTube and no plea like this.

My advice: keep your grades up and do what I did -- get a student loan or scholarship.

Paying for college should not make you panic. You all pay for very expensive Suburbans. The payments are just spread out over 10 years.

Adopted moms and dads have their kids college paid for...

I am not going to vote.

Marcel said...

These are some of the brightest kids I know and I am sure they will get other scholarships. But, whining about how it wasn't like this "back in my time" doesn't help.

Try this - when you went to school, the cost of school (as compared to the cost of living) was a fraction of what it is today. More and more students ARE working their way through school - more than did when you went to school. So, please don't rag out this generation.

Party pooper.

Paul Cat said...

I got a scholarship to college. I still had to take out loans. I still had to work my way through school. I still have to pay back lots of money. If I had know about other opportunities, even if it included posting things on YouTube or making a short video I would have. But these opportunities were not available to me.

So Mr. or Miss. i have been a floidian for 38 years, please do not be bitter towards others because they had opportunities that you did not.