Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Discussion on Oprah

I would like to start a discussion on Oprah. From what I know about her beliefs, and I admit it is little, she is very New Age. She has great influence and I believe her "spirituality" is dangerous. I am posting the videos below, not because I endorse them, but to start an introduction to the discussion. Please post your thoughts below.

Please discuss. But, do so with charity. Thanks.


Ed said...

Initial reaction..saddening, dissappointing and distrubing.

I'm not sure if the discussion should focus entirely on Oprah. She has the bully pulpit and is an all to easy and simplistic target. The problem itself is cultural. In an age when people fear taking a firm stand on an absolute moral truth, relativism runs unhinged through society. There is "your truth" and there is "my truth" and no one will say that there is an absolute truth.

We have a culture that for far to long has grown from respecting ideas even in disagreement to resecting ideas and fearing disagreement. Western culture, seemingly out of a politically guilt trip, now kow-tows to outsders while pleading the mea maxima culpa for all the wrongs outside cultures heap upon it.

With this attitude it is no surprise that new age thoughts break down the front door of Western thought. Are these really new age, I think not, the roots of many of these ideas can be found in easter philosphy and even western gnostic heresy.

As Catholics, we must realize that this is not something we face alone, but it is being faced by all of Christendom on one level or another. New age reason is pitted against old world faith as it were, but as Pope John Paul the Great and Pope Benedict XVI have tried to teach the world, faith and reason can not and must not be mutually exclusive of each other. By denying faith, or as the buzz word in the videos seemed to be: belief, then only half the equation is being used and that is reason. However, we must remember that reason lacking divine knowledge and guidance is only human in nature and thus flawed by human nature.

This is far beyond Oprah, she has the bully pulpit, but this is more a discussion of the direction, an unguided Western culture is taking by rejecting the knowledge of absolute moral authority that can come only from God.

P.s. Did I really hear that Oprah thought God was jealous of her? Therein may lie the problem from the outset. Catholics have been poorly taught for a generation or three, maybe it also occurred the same way with our separated brethren?

Jen and Dave said...

Sounds to me like she is almost there. Cannot recognize or will not recognize the the "feeling" is God. I see in this what I see in alot of people.....that faith is too hard, to hard to live out, to hard to get up for, to hard to defend, to hard to practice, to hard to be patient. It is okay to not have all the answers RIGHT NOW. Almost there, look deeper, recognize that God is the reason.
It does scare me that people are easily swayed by what ONE person, be it the preacher Oprah talked about or Oprah herself to change or deny what is felt in there hearts. I pray for them. God is all powerful, all knowing, all loving, all forgiving. Thanks God. Thank God.

eric said...

She is disgustingly egotistical and horribly self centered.

Whitney said...

According to Oprah (reference first video), we make our own reality. Using that train of thought, if I believe and think I'm a banana, suddenly I'm a banana. Right. Unfortunately, she's using her (in)famous TV show to spread her incorrect views on religion, namely God. Then, if someone else opposes her view (reference second video), she does her best to discredit them, shut them down, and belittle them. Don't waste your time listening to her or watching her show.