Monday, March 31, 2008

What the Internet does for us

What amazing changes to our lives the internet has brought. This blog for example. If you wanted to read or hear my random thoughts previously, you had to talk to me or read an article I wrote. Not any longer.

Another great example is the information at our fingertips. Wonderful!

There are of course some bad sides to this equation. Pornography is one of them. Lack of communication skills and predators are others.

But, I think I may have found the worst of them all. The fact that perfectly nice people will take videos of us acting silly and put them on YouTube. Take the video below for example. Just some normal office fun (at A&M and with several people that go to St. Mary's in it). Never before could we all have had so much fun.

Thanks Vic.


Ray said...

I miss college.

Marcel said...

They aren't in college. They work at A&M...

Ed said...

Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short Approve that skit!

Cause they are...... THE THREE AMIGOS!