Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Day From The Pit

I hate flying. But, something I hate more is flying when I have to ride tiny puddle-jumping planes. Yet, even worse, is flying in a small plane for something I don't want to go to.

Yesterday, all of these (and more) happened. I was called to testify in a murder trial in the panhandle. I didn't know anyone personally, but I was an adviser to an organization the accused was part of. Of course, I wasn't looking forward to going, but had to. So, they flew me out of College Station to Houston on the first leg of the trip before I was scheduled to go to Amarillo.

So, the reason for the trip is not good.

Then, while driving to the airport, I knew the flight wasn't going to be fun, because of the thick clouds and driving wind. Going through security, they tossed my shaving cream because it was slightly too large. Then unpacked my nicely packed shirts and wrinkled them. No big deal, right?

Well, then the flight is delayed a 1/2 hour because of a computer problem and the flight attendant is on her first day and doesn't know what she is doing. We finally take off, but by this time everyone on the plane is miserable, because the air conditioner is not working and it is about 85 on board.

After tossing and bouncing for 50 minutes - the entire flight I have the armrest in a death-grip - we land. Thank goodness, it is all over. NOPE!

I realize that my connection is going to be tight and after waiting for a shuttle to pick us up and nearly getting lost, I walk at warp-speed to my gate, which is empty...I missed my flight because of the earlier delay.

I finally get on the next flight, scheduled for 3 1/2 hours later. I then call the D.A.'s office, who inform me that I don't need to come, the plans have changed. Huh? Then why am I stuck in an airport in Houston? So, now my plan is just to get home, but easier said than done.

There are no more flights back to College Station, so after thinking it out for 15 minutes, I decide to get a rental. I find the shuttle, go to the rental car companies and am told by all of them (after waiting in line several times and doing this for a 1/2 hour) that I can't do a one way rental to College Station from Houston. Great!

Then I remember that there is a shuttle to College Station. So, I get back on the airport shuttle and go to the terminal. But, I am in the wrong terminal. So, I go to the other terminal and finally find someone who knows about the College Station shuttle - but I need a reservation. They give me a phone number and I finally get a reservation (oh, I forgot to tell you my cell phone almost died). But, I have to wait another 2 1/2 hours.

By this time I am very hungry. But, the only place to eat is back through security and I can't get there. I settle for a stale box of popcorn. I get on the shuttle. I go home.

Then, when I get here - they don't take credit cards and I have no cash. Uh-Oh. Luckily the guy is nice and I convince him that since I work for a church he can trust me to mail it to him. I get 4 hours of sleep.

But, through it all God kept me patient and calm. Thank God, I could have really lost it yesterday without Him. :-)

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Ed said...

At least you didn't have to spend the night in the airport. After 11PM or so everything shuts down and the vending machines are locked. Come 4 AM, the endless search for caffiene can leave one somewhat frustrated.

Gald you go home safe!