Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lean Into God

My dog is a leaner. When she likes you, she leans into you and soaks up all your lovin’. Sometimes you have to lean back into her 95-pound-cuteness in order to support her weight. Sometimes in her enthusiasm the lean becomes a bit more of a body slam. Some of my petite friends have to brace themselves or they’ll topple over. Their small frame simply can’t manage all that weight and love.

The other day as my dog was leaning into me, the question came: Do I really “lean into God”?

Sometimes I think we go to prayer needing some thing – some grace, some strength, some solution. We go to prayer with our hands out as if God will give us some portable power that we can take and move along on our way. We expect to then be able (on our own) to go out from him and accomplish whatever difficult task that begged his help to begin with.

But sometimes we need to “lean into God”, to stay close. We need to let him support the weight of our problem, decision, or struggle. We need not worry if he can support us. He already proved he can handle anything on the Cross. We need not worry he will topple over. He has a mighty frame that can withstand the force of any weight. And the beautiful thing is that he often leans back into us. "Draw near to God and he will draw near to you." James 4:8

Today as we continue on this Lenten journey may we all lean into God! Rely on Him. Let Him support you. Draw near. And soak up all His lovin’.

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