Monday, March 17, 2008

A Holy Week Catholic Carnival - #164

Howdy (that is how we greet in Aggieland). Welcome to Aggie Catholics (aka Mary's Aggies). We are a blog that focuses primarily on Catholic college students, but we have many others interested in reading what we have to say as well. Right now, we have two contributors - myself (the one full of hot air) and Sarah (who writes reflections a few times a week). We both work at St. Mary's Catholic Center, among dozens of others. St. Mary's is the largest and one of the best Campus Ministries in the country. On to the carnival.

It seems to me the title - "Holy Week Carnival" - is somewhat strange. But, as Christians, we are called to glory in the Cross, even as we mourn the death of our savior.

Holy Week is just that, the holiest of weeks. During this final meditation on the passion and death of our Lord, I welcome all new visitors to these pages.

For our regular readers who don't know what a Carnival is - it is a collection of posts from blogs that share an interest or focus, this one is the fact that we are all Catholic (with a few exceptions).

There is a wide selection of posts for the Holy Week carnival this week - enjoy.


Because it is Holy Week, let us start the carnival by visity Heart, Mind & Strength where Kevin reflects on the Palm Sunday readings and has some suggestions for how to finish Lent strong. On the same topic, Lindsay of Contrariwise gives us another point of view on Palm Sunday. Then it is off to visit the Domestic Vocation, where Christine goes back to confession after a few months of missing it. Shouldn't we all go back to confession? Come to think of it, I haven't been recently...

The carnival next visits Leticia, from Cause of Our Joy brings us the High Mass with Bishop Murphy in Uniondale, NY. The Bishop took time to visit the Latin Mass community and they got some great pictures. Of course, everyone is dressed nicer than at your parish and especially mine, which is full of college students.

Then there is a great post by Matthew, of Play the Dad? No, Be the Dad! He opens up his heart to talk about parenting, the loss of miscarriage and changing what he knows about parenting. As another father of five, thanks for the post!

Tausign, from Perfect Joy, brings us a wonderful meditation on the Way of the Cross. A great way to enter into the prayer of Holy Week. While Teresa writes about who she is passing on the same devotion to her son. Then Jean from Catholic Fire reviews two different books on the Way of the Cross. All three remind me to spend some time in prayer walking with Christ this week. Thanks.

Cathy meditates on sin, especially the public kind that causes scandal, and how there is no private sin, but rather, sin ripples out to touch everyone else. Then Fred, from Deep Furrows, gives us reason to hope in God who never loses hope in us.

Alexa of It Takes a Family, writes an epic post about health care. In it, she waxes about how we have made it an idol, rather than a part of life. I couldn't agree more. Do yourself a favor and take it in.

Seth, of CatholicLand!: Fatherhood writes about NFP and Wolves. Seriously. A different way of looking at things, but effective nonetheless. Then we get more on NFP from Melissa at A Third Way. She gives a two-parter on how NFP is good and true. Part I & II. You know it is going to be good when you can't fit it all in one post!

Don't forget that Satan is real and his power over the world is real. This is what Contra tells us at 50 Days After. Two other very real parts of life include both birth and death. Ebeth climbs off of the pillars to tell us about both colliding in her family. Life, birth, evil, Satan, death, salvation - all in two posts.

Next it is on to Sarah's blog, where we wake her up and find a nephew, conversion and a miracle. Good story Sarah!

Two posts about the Domestic Church then bring the carnival into the home. Elena from My Domestic Church writes about a pastoral letter about raising Godly Children. Good thought provoking post. Then Catholic Matriarch in my Domestic Church aka Catholic Mom, Denise, reminds all of us with families about the importance of family meals. My domestic Church is pretty sick right now. :-(

David at the Apostolate of the Laity continues his reflection on the PBXVI's Spe Salvi. If you haven't read it yet, do yourself a favor and pick up this great encyclical. David particularly focuses on the cross, which is very poignant this time of the year.

Gretchen is new to the Carnival this week. She posts from her very nice blog, Proto-Catholic about faith from her perspective as a convert. Thanks for joining us Gretchen!

Now we are off to prison with Deo Omnis Gloria, who has a guest post from a minister to prisoners. It is a great apologetic on the foundations on which the Catholic Church sits. Nicely put together through years of experience.

Heidi, from Mommy Monsters Inc. (one of my favorite blog names) asks us all to come spend a day at the Toledo Zoo with her, virtually. Once we do that, we can go to the Sistine Chapel with Jen, from Daughter of the King, and see Michaelangelo in a whole new light. I will never look at the drawing of creation in the same way.

Next it is off to the cold North (hey, I live in Texas) to visit Sean, A Catholic Canadian, as he explains new math and how to calculate more than 40 days in 40 days of Catholic media.

Then we visit New York, again, where Mary from Not Strictly Spiritual, gives us a great post on why Catholics leave the Church, culture, sexuality, scandal and more. Then Pat, the Paragraph Farmer, writes an open letter to a friend about the misinformation about the Church that John Hagee is spreading (Random tidbit #4521 - I went to High School with Hagee's son).

The last part of the carnival is one of the more interesting submissions is from a Muslim, not a Catholic, who writes about the Pope's call to dialogue with Muslims. Because this is a priority for our leader, it should be a priority for us, so Saifuddin gets his part in the carnival.

Last, but not least (but latest), Mark From Faithful Web gives us a nice laugh on filling out your March Madness brackets - Church style.

Thanks for visiting. Come back soon!


Jean M. Heimann said...

Excellent job, Marcel! Thanks for hosting this week.

God bless you with a beautiful Holy Week and a glorious Easter!

Sarah said...

Great hosting! Thanks for taking it on this week! :)

Mark Alves said...

Great introduction - effectively balancing the needs of newcomers to your site and newcomers to the carnival. Nicely done.

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Hey Marcel, Great carnival! Good job and gig'em!!



PS: Did you forget my post? Or didn't it fit the theme?

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Thanks for hosting the Carnival!

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You did a wonderful job of hosting during Holy Week.

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COOL! Sorry, I didn't catch it at first. Great job with the whole of the many submissions.

Thanks for hosting and yeeehaww!


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