Thursday, March 13, 2008

2008 Blog Awards

We won't win an award this year, because we are too far behind. I think I will just pack up the blog and never post again. Goodbye, 2008 Catholic Blog Awards.

Really though, there are some great blogs out there and here is how I voted (if I didn't just vote for us in every category we were nominated in - which I almost did - I didn't vote for us in "best designed")

Best Apologetic Blog - Jimmy Akin - He does it for a living

Best Blog by Clergy/Religious/Seminarian - Cardinal Sean's Blog - Granted, there are better written blogs in this category, but he is a Cardinal that blogs.

Best Designed Catholic Blog - Creative Minority Report - It is so Pretty

Best Group Blog - Our own. I can't lie, I think it rocks.

Best Individual Catholic Blog - Probably American Papist - but this one is very close.

Best Insider News Catholic Blog - Whispers in the Loggia - this one is not close.

Best New Catholic Blog - I don't read enough of them to make an informed judgment.

Best Overall Catholic Blog - Tie between this blog you are reading and the following - Happy Catholic, Charlotte was Both, Catholic and Enjoying It, Whispers, and American Papist.

Best Political/Social Commentary Catholic Blog - Catholic and Enjoying It!

Best Written Catholic Blog - Charlotte was Both

Funniest Catholic Blog - tie between The Curt Jester and The Ironic Catholic

Most Informative & Insightful Catholic Blog - Whispers in the loggia

Most Spiritual Blog - ?

Smartest Catholic Blog - ?


Julie D. said...

Marcel, you sure know how to show a girl a good time ... I am quite flattered to be listed with those major blogs in your list! Thank you! :-)

Marcel said...

You deserve it.

Ebeth said...

But what about me!!! I am a new Catholic blogger this year!!!!

Good choices, I won't win anything either....not big enough reader count. Guess that's cuz I'm new.


The Ironic Catholic said...

Thanks for the compliment. I like this blog a lot too. It's a great mix and I wish our campus ministry was like yours (although ours is great for a small lil' Catholic school!).

Marcel said...

That is part of my goal of working here - to help other campus ministries get better. We can't keep all of this greatness to ourselves!

Mark said...

Gawrsh! Thanks!

Your blog is a good one too!

Moonshadow said...

I'm a nominee in the "Smartest Blog" category.