Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What I Need From the Church - In 100 Words or Less

I have a friend that went to Grad School with me who is now in formation to become a deacon.

He emailed me the following question for a project he is working on -
"What do you currently need from the Church in helping you live a Christian life in today's society?"

Here is what I wrote. I had to keep it to 100 words or less - it took me 99.
I need the Pope to be a good shepherd, for Christ's flock. I need the Bishops to be courageous witnesses to the faith who can make tough decisions. I need a laity that is well-formed salt of the earth. I need the Church to do a better job forming adults and then children - in that order, rather than the opposite. I need parishes that are evangelistic and unafraid of spreading Christ's message to "all nations". But, ultimately I need the Church to be a school for making saints. This would solve every other issue. Holiness is the key.

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