Wednesday, February 6, 2008

E For Excellent

Happy Catholic has given us an "E for Excellent Award".
Why, thank you very much. Of course, I truly believe Sarah's posts are better than mine.

Now we have to give the award out. So, in an effort not to put up too many of the "big" blogs and in no particular order, we give it to these ten blogs, some known by most and some by few:
-First Things blog (in makes me think I am smart)
-In the Light of the Law (the only canon law blog I read - because Dr. Peters is phenomenal and a former prof)
-Ignatius Insight
-Shrine of the Holy Whapping
-Curt Jester
-Mark Shea
-Cosmos-Liturgy-Sex (great name - great content)
-Creative Minority Report
-Caterbury Tales (an Aggie turned-Catholic blog)
-Standing on My Head

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