Thursday, February 21, 2008

Airline Evangelization

I love evangelizing on planes. Why? Because the people near you can't go anywhere. If you are able to strike up a conversation with someone, then God just might open up a door for you to share some aspect of your faith. The last few time I have flown I have been able to plant some seeds.

Last month, for instance, I was on a flight to Chicago and had a great discussion with an Evangelical Protestant man about the Jewish roots of Christianity and Catholicism. He was enthralled when I described the Mass in light of the Temple and Synagogue liturgies.

Also, today, as I sit in the Phoenix airport waiting for my connecting flight, I thank God for allowing me to talk to another man about the Church. Within the first 30 seconds of talking to him, I learned he works for Roger Staubach. This gave me an opportunity to talk about the faith, because Staubach is a devout Catholic.

Other opportunities include being able to invite a college student to church, talking to a former Scientologist about his conversion to Christianity and then dispel myths about the Catholic Church, and finally talking to a man from India who married a Catholic and always wanted to talk to someone who could answer his questions about the Church.

May God open another door of evangelization during my trip and may I have the faith to walk through it. Pray for me and I will pray that God will also give you a chance to evangelize.


Patrick Archbold said...

I want to evangelize a college age Indian Scientologist who is married to a Catholic and who works for Phil Simms.

Now that would be cool!

Have a great trip.

Marcel said...