Thursday, January 10, 2008

The View Goes Anti-Catholic...Again

The View is the most Anti-Catholic show around. I generally don't throw the anti-anything card out there, but the ignorance on display is amazing. They chat about the Catholic Church regularly and I have never seen them get it right. Here is the latest:

Here is some of what the Catholic League has tracked about them. Note, this doesn't include some of the more recent ignorance.


Jeff said...

I left this comment on You Tube:

Catholics don't worship the statues. The statues are there to help one focus and meditate on the life of the saint. If an individual Catholic is truly worshiping a statue, they are going contrary to Church teaching.

The Catholic Church of the time did not kill Joan of Arc. It was a Bishop who was controlled by the English who was responsible. The Pope of the time declared her innocent.

I added this as well:

Oh, and Joy is throwing around the term "false idols" a lot. Something is only a false idol if it is worshiped which, as I said above, isn't taught by the Chruch. God himself commanded the construction of the Ark of the Covenant which had images of supernatural creatures. They were not considered "graven images" or "false idols".

These weren't ideal comments, but there isn't much space on YouTube. You are limited to 500 characters.

Ed said...

I am surpirsed Elisabeth Hasselbeck did not come more to defense of the Catholic position. Though I do not know if she is a practicing Catholic currently, I know she comes from a strong upbringing (her family being from the town next to my hometown in Rhode Island). She attended Catholic elementary school, went to high school at Bay View and graduated from Boston College.

I would think she received some proper teaching in this matter at some point.

That said, I am glad I work and am not home watching this drivel.

Undecided said...

I have a hard time imaging Marcel watch the view. But, then again I have a hard time imagining anyone with watching it. You have to wonder what their average audience is.

In reality who cares what they think, if they even do. Ok I guess I did find something harder to imagine than Marcel watching the view.

Marcel said...

I have never seen The View, except on YouTube. Thank goodness.

Saint Maker said...

I do watch that "drivel" from time to time. I DVR it. I'm disgusted each time any of the hosts speak about The Catholic Church.

But Elizabeth Hasselblah is the worst. She is an X-Catholic and they tend to be the worst because they are constantly trying to defend their position. Justify their exit so as to not feel guilty. Anyone who knows the truth and doesn't speak out is one of her accomplices as well. We must speak the truth kindly, though very hard at times, and correct those who are wrong. (She should shut her mouth and read her bible. God is not fond of those who lead others astray. There are grave consequences for such actions.) She has taken many opportunities to speak out against the church.

Today she once again opened her anti-Catholic mouth. I'm trying to get my son to make a youtube video of it.

I'm grateful to those that have been watching The View and making youtube videos. z


Saint Maker said...

Here is the youtube video of EH's anti-Catholic remarks: