Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Baby Farms and Surrogate Mothers

The following is a story about baby farms in India. This growing new phenomenon is when a surrogate mother from India gets paid to carry a child because it is less expensive than doing it here in the USA.

The story is quite sad because:
  • I feel for those who would want a child and cannot have one due to infertility.
  • Most of these people have no idea of the spiritual, emotional, and relational consequences of their actions.
  • Pregnancy/fertility is now a commodity which we buy and sell.
  • Too many people believe children are a "right" not a "gift" and therefore we can treat them however we choose.
  • The poor women are not being "helped" at all. But, rather they are being used.
A quote from one of the women says a lot about the rationalization of it all:
“If I’d had a child by normal means, then I would probably think it was exploitation,” says William. “But I don’t personally feel bad. These women are all adults and they know what they’re doing. The reason is mainly financial, and it gives them a chance to improve their lives. Are they being exploited? I don’t think so. I do feel very sorry for the people here. Even the waiter in our hotel gets £200 a month, and you look at it and it just doesn’t seem fair. It’s the luck of the draw really, but can we solve the problems of the world?”
Just because we can does not mean we ought to.

Mother of God, pray for us!

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GADEL said...

This is quite unfortunate. Lord have mercy.