Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Mother and Abortion

My mother wrote me recently about this Cal Thomas article on abortion and the cost of abortion to our nation. I responded to her that this quote struck me:
Abortion was not a cause, but a reflection of our decadence and deviancy. One does not begin to kill babies until other dominos have fallen. And once they have fallen, it becomes difficult to set them aright because to do so would require an admission of something so horrible that those responsible for this fetal holocaust would have to acknowledge their sin and repent of it. Such a thing is not a character trait of this most pampered generation.
My mother and father raised all of us to be very pro-life. They modeled it by showing how everyone needs to be loved.
  • They took us to pro-life rallies.
  • They prayed for the unborn and their parents.
  • They talked about how horrible it was.
  • They loved those that disagreed with them.
  • They voted their consciences.
  • They voiced their opinions.
  • They even took in foster children, when no one else would.
So, when my mother wrote me back the following - it struck me to the heart.

In 1973 when I sat and cried the day the Supreme Court voted to allow abortion as a legal right, my first thought was that our nation had fallen into a great abyss, clouded by the great sin of killing one's own. How could we sink any deeper?

Thank you so much for loving and caring for the little ones that God has sent you.

My mother was a few months pregnant with me when on that day. I cried with her.


Literacy-chic said...

As a Catholic mother, and even before I was a Catholic mother, I have tried to impart to my children a respect for, appreciation for, and awe of life--especially new life--as my mother did for me. But I have never done the things that you mention, and I'm not sure I would feel comfortable doing so. As I restrict my son's access to violent and disturbing news stories, I also restrict his exposure to the topic of abortion, but try to foster his respect for life through emphasizing the positive--at least for now. He is very sensitive, and as I did not learn about abortion until I was in high school, I do not necessarily think that it is an appropriate topic for a younger child. I have actually avoided parishes in which the pastor discussed abortion too frequently because I didn't want my son to be burdened with this horror so early, and have objected to public displays of abortion images for the same reason. I know that others do things differently, as a friend of my son's knew about abortion because of similar activities promoted by her parents at a much younger age, and have seen very young children wearing fetuses on t-shirts with pro-life sentiments. I guess in all of this I wonder how young is too young for a child to be exposed to the reality of abortion, considering the sadness and gruesomeness of the reality, and whether the parents have a moral responsibility to guard this kind of disturbing content until it is age-appropriate as they do with other disturbing content? What could a parent do if this becomes an issue with a pastor's homilies? How young were you exposed to pro-life activities that explicitly represented abortion? I would be very interested in knowing how your parents handled this with you & your siblings.


(a nearby grad student & anonymous blogger)

Jennifer F. said...

One does not begin to kill babies until other dominos have fallen.

This is so true. If you have any interest, I recently wrote a post here about how I used to be vehemently pro-choice, and how it all started with accepting other bad ideas first.