Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Morning Stuff

*The Jesuits have elected a new leader, and as is usually the case with the inner-workings of the Church, Rocco has the scoop here and here.
Keep the Society of Jesus in your prayers.

*The text of the Pope's canceled speech to La Sapienzia University can be found here. One tidbit that I found wonderful:
I am moved, on this occasion, to express my gratitude for the invitation extended to me to come to your university to deliver an address to you. In this perspective, I first of all asked myself the question: What can a pope say on an occasion like this? In my lecture in Regensburg, I indeed spoke as pope, but I spoke above all in the guise of a former professor of the university, seeking to connect memory and the present. But at the university "La Sapienza", the ancient university of Rome, I have been invited as "Bishop of Rome", and so I must speak in this capacity. Of course, "La Sapienza" was once the pope's university, but today it is a secular university with that autonomy which, on the basis of its founding principles, has always been part of the nature of the university, which must always be exclusively bound to the authority of the truth. In its freedom from political and ecclesiastical authorities, the university finds its special role, and in modern society as well, which needs institutions of this nature.
He doesn't sound like an anti-science crazy, like they accused him of, does he? Because he isn't

*Some German officials think bugging confessionals is a good idea.

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