Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Christian Pagans?

Tip O' The Hat to Mark for this story about prisoners who are declaring two contradictory faiths at one time. This has created quite a conundrum for the prison chaplains, who are trying to stay out of the fray and follow the rules. I hope the state of Washington sorts this out before it gets worse.

Then there is Archbishop Chaput's promise that he would have Catholic charities in Denver stop delivering services rather than give up their Catholic identity, if a potential law passes that would bar religious charities who receive government money to stop hiring based on belief. I agree with the Archbishop and it is a shame that the government is forcing the hand of these leaders to make such decisions.

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Ray said...

I guess anything is possible out here on the loony west coast when just a few miles north of that prison, you have an Episcopal "priestess" who also claims to follow Islam.