Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Quick Hits - Monday Edition

*Abortion supporters abuse more statistics to further their agenda.

*What looks like a very nice Institute in the New Evangelization, The Augustine Institute, just moved into a new location in Denver.

*School sponsored "gender-switch" day at a Middle School is canceled.

*Chilean Bishops differ in approach to the issue of Plan B and how Catholics should deal with it.

*Studies once again prove the importance of having a dad.

*Pope says that if you have met Jesus, then your life will change. This is a good way to gauge if we really have true conversion. Have our lives changed after having "met Jesus"? He builds on this theme in his Sunday Homily saying:
What a message in this simple phrase! "Zacchaeus": Jesus calls by name a man who is despised by all. "Today": Yes, his moment of salvation is now. "I must stay": Why "must"? Because the Father, who is rich in mercy, wants Jesus to go and "seek out and save what was lost" (Luke 19:10).

The grace of that unforeseeable moment was such that it completely changed Zacchaeus' life: "Behold," he confesses to Jesus, "half of my possessions, Lord, I shall give to the poor, and if I have extorted anything from anyone I shall repay it four times over" (19:8). Once more the Gospel tells us that love, flowing from the heart of God and working through the heart of man, is the force that renews the world.

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