Monday, November 26, 2007

Letting it soak in

In the winter months my hands get very dry. This is in part because of the dry cold air and in part because I get a bit germ- phobic with everyone around me sniffling and sneezing. I wash my hands every chance I get.

I’ve noticed that the only “cure” for this dryness is to repeatedly and regularly apply a good hand lotion. I have to really glob it on and let it soak in a few times a day or my knuckles crack and bleed, not to mention my hands look like those of an 80 year old woman.

This morning as I was letting the mounds of lotion soak in I thought about all the life lessons that also have to soak in – repeatedly and regularly. They are “life lessons” not because they are lessons about life . . . but because they are lessons we will be learning our whole lives. We are never done learning them, until perhaps we meet our God face to face. Here are the lessons:

God loves me. Completely and totally. Regardless of what I’ve done (bad or good), what I’ve accomplished, how far I’ve wandered, or how zealously I’ve come running back. His love is the same. Unconditional. Steady. Steadfast, as the psalms say.

God is in control. Always. Despite my emotions, despite the seemingly hopeless situations, despite the chaos, He is in control. I read chapters 38 and 39 of the book of Job this week. If God can create and sustain the universe . . . surely He can work out my life’s “troubles”.

God loves everyone. God loves everyone as completely and totally as he loves me. Yup, even the person who annoys me most, has hurt me most, has inflicted harm on others, is inflicting harm on others. He loves them. Completely and totally. And He calls me to do the same!

God heals. It isn’t magic – “I pray this, therefore He must do this”. It is mystery. His love can transform our hearts and heal us. He brings new life. He changes. He transforms. He heals.

I need God. I seem to learn this one new every day, sometimes every moment. I need Him – for existence, for purpose, for tasks beyond my doing. I need Him.

We sometimes live in a dry and cold world, a sickly (sniffling and sneezing) world. We live in a world that says:
“You’re unlovable unless . . .”
“Take control of your life!”
“Love those who make you feel good.”
“Miracles are for Disney movies, mere fairy tales.”
“What you really need . . . is more stuff.”

It is easy to become dry and cracked. We must spend time regularly and repeatedly in the presence of our God, the God of love, and let His love soak into our hearts. We must absorb these lessons (and many others I’m sure) and let them restore us and refresh us.

Glob on these truths. Let them soak in.

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Jean M. Heimann said...

This post offers valuable spiritual nourishment for the soul. We should all print this out, clip it, and carry it in our wallets.

A great lotion for dry skin: Eucerin - recommended by dermatologists - inexpensive. You can find it at Wal*Mart.