Sunday, November 11, 2007

Go against the tide, Pope urges students

Catholic World News : Go against the tide, Pope urges students: "Vatican, Nov. 9, 2007 ( - Pope Benedict XVI (bio - news) said that young Catholics are 'called to go against the tide,' during a November 9 meeting with an Italian students' organization. In contemporary society, the Holy Father said, too many people are caught up in 'a race, sometimes a desperate race, toward appearance and possession at all costs-- at the expense, unfortunately, of being.' Young Catholics, he said, should be constantly cautioned to avoid that mistake, and 'not to fear choosing alternative paths which only Christ can indicate.' The Pope was speaking to members of the Italian Catholic University Federation (FUCI), who were celebrating the group's 100th anniversary. In his remarks, Pope Benedict called attention to the illustrious history of FUCI, which has seen two of its former members beatified (Piergiorgio Frassti and Alberto Marvelli), and two others rise to prominent in national politics only to be 'barbarously murdered (Aldo Mori and Vittorio Bachelet). He took note, too, of the part played by Pope Paul VI, who was 'the principal ecclesiastical assistant to FUCI during the difficult years of fascism.' In university life today, the Pope continued, students are confronted with appeals to 'arrogance and the achievement of success at all costs.' In opposition to that"

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