Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Bible Prohibited at the Olympics

The Bible among objects prohibited at the 2008 Beijing Olympics: "The Bible among objects prohibited at the 2008 Beijing Olympics Beijing, Nov 2, 2007 / 02:18 pm (CNA).- Organizes of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing have published a list of “prohibited objects” in the Olympic village where athletes will stay. To the surprise of many, Bibles are among the objects that will not be allowed. According to the Italian daily La Gazzetta dello Sport, organizers have cited “security reasons” and have prohibited athletes from bearing any kind of religious symbol at Olympic facilities. Other objects on the list include video cameras and cups. The Spanish daily La Razon said the rule was one of a number of “signs of censure and intolerance” towards religious objects, particularly those used by Christians in China. Currently in China five bishops and fifteen priests are in prison for opposing the official Church."


sabine said...

Hi - I read your blog daily. I'm not sure how I came across it but thank you.

I just wondered, I'm trying to verify this info. I can't find anything on the official Olympic site.

Marcel said...

It is a CNA article. They should be able to confirm it for you.

Undecided said...

I think it's time we forgo this years olympics as a protest.

Sabine said...

Since your blog entry linked to CNA, I already knew that much also :-) However, they mention their source as the Italian daily La Gazzetta dello Sport. I spent over an hour trying to find this information where the CNA article wasn't the original source with no luck.

I did send an email to CNA but haven't heard back yet.

Even though our press is pretty liberal, this would be a big story if it were completely true.

According to websites about traveling to China, it is recommended that a person does not carry more then one Bible with them and Chinese customs can decide what materials you may not bring into the country if they deem them dangerous to "Chinese culture."

I'm in no way trying to defend China's policies. Their human rights record is horrible on some many fronts.