Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Aggie Evangelists

Today we had a new program going on called the "Ten Commandments Challenge". There was a recent survey that more people know the ingredients of a Big Mac than the 10 Commandments. Therefore, we set out to do something about it. We went on campus and had students tell us the 10 Commandments. If they got them right (or at least close), then we gave them a coupon for a free Big Mac. We ended up giving out about 200-250 coupons for Big Macs. It was a lot of fun and a great, non-offensive, way to evangelize. We will also be on to the local news tonight.

Another project we have been doing recently is one that I started at Texas Tech and brought to A&M. It is called "Ask-A-Catholic-A-Question". I have trained students in some basic evangelization techniques and then thrown them "into the fire". They wear some obnoxiously-colored t-shirts (see pictures) and they go on campus in teams of three. Currently there are 5 teams that go on campus from 1-2 hours per week and answer any questions that come their way. They get everything from "what time is Mass" to "explain the Catholic view of justification in light of St. Paul's teaching". It is another great way to evangelize. The best response is sometimes "I don't know, but will find out and we can talk again", because it gives a chance to build a relationship.

Eye-catching color!

I hand out a coupon to a student.

Xavier, a student, issues the 10 Commandments challenge and helps answer questions.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's freakin' awesome, I wish we'd been doing that when I was there. I just hope nobody's spoutin' heresy.

Jennifer F. said...

How cool! I wish I'd seen something like that when I was a loudmouth atheist at A&M. I bet you guys would have given me a run for my money!