Monday, October 22, 2007

Quick Hits

While I was gone a lot happened. So, quick sound bites on some of the happenings:

*Archbishop Dinardo of Galveston-Houston will be made a cardinal. Finally some recognition of the continued vibrancy and growth of Catholicism in the USA's South.

*A new "youtube for Catholics" is up -

*The USCCB will have a new document giving guidance to Catholics going to the voting booth. By the overview it sounds very well done.

*The Pope has completed his second encyclical, this one on the virtue of Hope. I am guessing faith is next?

*Louisiana has a new pro-life Catholic governor. Pray for him, that isn't an easy state to lead.

*Pope Benedict says it isn't time for a Vatican III.

*Apparently 500,000 Anglicans may soon come back into communion with Rome. They have formally submitted a proposal to the Vatican to do just that.

*The Associated Press is running a series of investigative reports on the sexual abuse crisis in public schools. They are facing an uphill battle - fighting the teachers' unions, administrative cover-ups and more. This will make the Catholic scandal pale in comparison. Though I do not mean to down-play the horrible scandal the Catholic Church still is dealing with - it isn't even close in numbers. Pray for reform in our schools and culture. We will never be free of such things, but we can work to better protect our children in every area.

*I am sure you have heard of it already, but many say you should see Bella.

*JK Rowling talks about Christian imagery in the Harry Potter series.

*A picture in Poland caused quite a stir for some who said it looked like JPII appearing in the fire. I don't buy it.

*Our own Bishop Aymond is not happy with St. Edward's choice of Fr. Curran as a guest lecturer.

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