Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

*An ad with a "homosexual baby" in Italy is causing quite a stir.

*Atheists in Toledo, Spain will hold an "art" exhibit with pornographic images of Jesus, Mary and the Saints. On top of it all, it is in an old Church.

*Mass. Senate has introduced a "bubble bill" that would limit protesters to 35 feet from an abortion facility.

*A historian has tried to debunk the miracle of St. Padre Pio's stigmata.

*Portuguese Government seeks to force doctors to perform abortions.

More attempts to stir up emotions and avoid reasoned discussion on these issues.

On the other hand:

*Bella looks to be a big hit.

*An official responds to the UN claim that the Church is to blame for AIDS in Latin America and uses sound arguments to do so.

*An inter-religious summit on faith, which includes representatives of all major religions, issues a statement saying that "violence is blasphemy".

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