Monday, October 22, 2007

Baby Pics

I have been hounded for baby pics for a you go!

(feet Left to Right) Kyra, Dominic, Olivia, Anna, Elise.

Elise holding Anna's finger.

Olivia holding Elise.

Dominic with Elise.

Kyra reading Elise one of her first books.

Elise helps me take a nap. FYI - There is nothing like having a baby fall asleep on your chest.

Anna helps Kristy hold Elise.


Holly Tripp said...

Your kids are getting too old Marcel. I remember when it was just you, Kristi, Kyra and Dominic coming to Mass. Now you officially have a brood. Good thing I don't sit behind you anymore - I'd never focus in Mass!

Congratulations again. Elise joins the ranks as a beautiful LeJeune kid. Thank God for Kristi, eh? ;)

Sarah Hinds said...

I agree with're kids are growing up way too fast!!! They are definitely beautiful, though!!! Poor Dominic...he needs a brother to play with!!! :)

Amy Cook said...

Congratulations Marcel! You're kids are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Muchas felicidades!

Love to all of you!

Teri S

Roni & Jorge said...

I can't believe how big Anna is! And I can't believe how Kristi is still hot-stuff right after childbirth! ;) Thanks for sharing. *Roni misses the LeJeune's*

Trisha Meredith said...

Hey Kristi, It's Trisha! Congratulations! Your children are beautiful, and what a sweet baby girl. Hope all is well. Write me soon. -Trisha