Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Abortion Doulas

Dawn Eden sent me this article. Apparently there is a new movement to have Doulas accompany women into the abortion clinics in order to:
simply wants to hold her hand, distract her, make her laugh or explain the procedure to her. But it's also about more than just helping a woman survive that one procedure, it's also about trying to mediate the impact it has on the rest of her reproductive life.
So, a doula can be there to help deliver a baby or be there to assist the mother in destroying her baby.

A few other tidbits of rhetoric repeated in the article:
  • Abortion is messy and complicated, therefore we can't make any "judgment" on whether it is right or wrong.
  • It is all about "reproductive rights". That language confuses me. The women have a right to reproduce - I agree. But, killing the resulting offspring from exercising that right is not a right in and of itself. Once a human is created (read "reproduced") then they have their own set of rights, namely the right to life. If theyreally supported reproductive rights, then such groups would be against abortions - especially forced abortions in countries such as China.
  • Removing the "stigma" of abortion is one of the stated goals. The stigmas comes from the intrinsic evil in the act of abortion. Not because we don't feel for women. Of course they think that by mentioning the exceptions (rape, incest, etc.) that clears the way for continuing adding evil upon evil.
Dawn Eden remarks on the article also:
Among the issues raised:

-- the targeting of abortion "doulas" to Latina women
-- the discomfort among doulas of having their "pro-life" (as one doula calls it) profession turned towards aiding and abetting abortions
-- the suggestion that women would be helped by "visualizing" their abortions in the same way that women who give birth are helped by visualizing their child going down the birth canal
-- the insinuation that doulas could convince women that abortion will not affect their fertility
-- the reluctance of some abortion advocates to promote a program that would suggest some women are not 100% happy with their abortion experience
-- the acknowledgement that women are often conscious or semiconscious during their abortions (this is ascribed to the women's "choice" -- no mention of the fact that abortion clinics often avoid general anesthesia in order to save money)
-- the references to women's "complicated" feelings on abortion (are these the same women who are so certain about the rightness their decision that they would be insulted by the offer of an ultrasound?)

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Mandy said...

I never heard of this until the other day, as I was at my first meeting of the doulas with whom I will be working. One girl is doing this every Wednesady anda anotehr gilr said, "What you're doing is so important!" I couldn't concentrate on the rest of the meeting because I was so upset at the thought of this and by feeling very alone in the group. I pursued becoming a birth doula as an outgrowth of my pro life convictions.