Thursday, September 13, 2007

A lesson from my dog

My friends who have kids might cringe at this reflection. I know that dogs are not children, but sometimes I love mine as if she were. Despite her often messiness and sometimes stubbornness, she is so sweet and fun and always happy to see me. She adds much joy to my life.

Often my dog, Ellie, will come and sit on my feet (yes, “on” not “at” which at 90 lbs took some getting used to). I’ll pet her soft ears, scratch under her neck, and if and when I try to stop she’ll turn her head around and rest it on my knee as if to say, “Mommy, don’t stop! I’m still here! Keep petting!” So I continue. If I talk to her (in a sing-songy sweet voice) she’ll wag her tail. It is cute.

We usually do this once a day. I cherish these moments. (Yes, I said cherish.)

Last night in adoration I found myself somewhat distracted. I had a lot to say, but no means to say it. The words wouldn’t come and if they did they felt empty. I longed to hear certain words (perhaps in a sing-songy sweet voice telling me it was going to be okay), but I just heard my co-adorer's rustling noises from a few pews back.

Eventually I resigned to just sitting there. Sitting at the feet of my Lord. Simply being in his presence and trying to let him love on me.

This morning as I was petting Ellie it dawned on me. Perhaps my resignation to just sit there in stillness made God happy. I think he likes it when we simply come and sit at his feet. Not barking orders or venting complaints. Not spouting words or solving problems. Simply being in his presence and letting him love on us. That is what he longs to do.

Prayer isn’t about producing results. It is about spending time with the one we love and the one who longs to shower his love on us.

Today may we find some time to simply sit at the feet of our Lord. Let him love on you. Let him cherish you. Be grateful for your time with him and receive the love he offers.

I think I’ll go give Ellie one more scratch before I head out for the day.

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Marcel said...

So, did God scratch behind your ears. ;-)