Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Did You Miss Confession

From this LA times article, apparently so did every other Catholic for the last 30 years. But, if you disagree, you might want to read Fr. David's response.

I wrote the author directly and we had a friendly exchange. My point was not that the practice of confession has decreased markedly since Vatican II (that is very true), but that the younger generations are coming back to the Sacrament quickly, which is reversing the trend. She is considering writing another article in the future after our exchange.

I have to say that I find the online confession idea mentioned in the article goofy.

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Cody - Taking Back Vatican II said...

I skimmed the article. Hasn't the Church ruled that phone/online confessions are not valid? I didn't see that mentioned there.

"The Catholic sacrament of confession, by contrast, is not about personal growth. It's about healing a ruptured relationship with God."

That is partially true. Healing our relationship with God is a form of personal growth.