Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Real Beauty

This is a very nice video to get you thinking...

This is from the Campaign For Real Beauty from Dove soap. While I support their efforts to increase self-esteem by re-capturing what "real beauty" is, I don't agree with all of their conclusions, including making beauty "democratic". From the website, I cannot figure out if they want to re-define "real beauty" as something non-physical or if they would like to find beauty in every woman's body.

I do not believe that the end of self esteem issues for women is feeling physically beautiful. Rather, real self esteem comes from the one who created us with a purpose, regardless of what we look like physically.

I am probably nit-picking it too much though. A major corporation working to do something positive for the image of women is nothing to shake down too hard.

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Mary said...

I think it is just a commercial and they are just trying to make money.