Thursday, August 2, 2007


What happened to actual news stories that were not written/videoed to make money by sensationalizing and tantalizing the readers/viewers?

Take a look at CNN. On their website and their various networks you will mostly find bad interviews of witnesses and victims of the bridge collapse. While it is a horrible accident (God help those who were injured and the dead) and it does raise multiple questions about bridge safety, we don't need headlines that read "Driver: 'We were just dropping...'" or "'I thought I was dead,' survivor says".

Gone are the days of news. We only have sensationalism now.


Anonymous said...

Take a look at any newspaper in the history of the United States that deals with massacre, or tragedy on a large scale (OK Corral, Hindenburg, etc.) you'll see the same thing across the board. Nothing has changed except now we hear about it 24/7 and have better imagery to go along with it.

Marcel said...

You are correct. It is probably the constant barrage of it that is what I see.