Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Stir me up, Lord!

I’m not a big fan of infomercials, but I think I need the garden claw.

I have four crape myrtles in my backyard. Last month when my dad was in town we noticed that despite the large amounts of rainfall we’d been having, these trees were struggling. It seemed strange. So much rain, yet such persistent thirst.

As I have been watering the past few weeks I discovered that the soil is the culprit. It has formed some sort of impenetrable shield. The water simply pools and sits on top and eventually drains off towards the fence. The trees remain dry.

Hence, I need the garden claw. Somehow I need to stir up the soil, break it up, so the water can reach the roots.

Sometimes I find myself in need of a spiritual claw – something to stir me up so I can be the “good soil” of Matthew 13 and better receive God’s grace and love and mercy and, well, all that good stuff I need to grow.

But I too have some sort of impenetrable shield. I have a tightly packed schedule with no time for random moments of joy or happy interruptions. I have a preconceived notion of how people should act with no room to embrace the beauty of who God created them to be. I have stubborn ideas about what people should do (how they should “operate”) and completely miss the gifts they offer. I have attitudes and ways of thinking (not always the most charitable!) that need stirring up (and perhaps tossing out) that prevent God’s love from pervading all I think and say. I have old habits and older hurts that prevent God's grace from seeping into my heart. I have plans (mine, not God’s) that prevent me from enjoying a very unpredictable thing called life.

Thankfully, God’s blessings (His mercies!) are new every morning (Lamentations 3:23) . . . but do they simply pool on the surface and then drain off towards the fence, never to sink in and change us for the better? I hope not!

Today may we be stirred up! Let God break up the crusty, dry dirt we’ve packed so firmly around us– break up the routine, break up the old habits, break up the hardness of heart. Let his satisfying, life giving grace seep in to our roots.

I think I might like infomercials after all.

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Anonymous said...

Sarah, you deliver so quickly. That is the kinda stuff i am talking about. Funny, quirky, true. that makes is fuirkue.