Monday, August 6, 2007

Extremely Dangerous

Remind me never to try this:

Or this - warning...this hurts to even watch:

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Jeff said...

I love watching the X-Games. I think you see athletes who truly love what they do. They are competing with one another, but they are all friends and happy for the winner.

Travis Pastrana is the most talented freestyle motocross rider ever. He also seems to be a good guy, too.

Jake Brown is one tough cookie (not to mention divine intervention). The fact that he walked away under his own power with "only" a broken wrist and bruised lung is a miracle.

Also, the winner of the Moto X best trick this year was Kyle Loza who founded Riders for Christ (look up "volt" on YouTube - that's the trick he won with). He is affiliated with the Saddleback church (maybe he'll convert...). I think it is awesome that he, and many other riders, are affiliated with this group and that the announcers talked about it quite a bit. Kyle could lose the streaked hair and the piercings, but it's a start.