Tuesday, August 21, 2007

College Student Debt

With the debt craze we have in this country, you think we would attempt to do more to make college affordable. I don't have the answers in this area, but maybe you do.
So, I ask - what can we do to keep college tuitions down?

With tuition at DePaul running $24,300 per year, it is out of hand. How can anyone afford that? Federal financial aid is "up 95 percent since 1995-96". Wow!

More on this debt crisis of college grads.


Anonymous said...

What indeed. Furthermore, institutions such as Wells Fargo, donate money to Planned Parenthood. At A&M, we are almost guaranteed, therefore to do business with those who support the killing of our children. St. Mary's ought to publish a petition and have all the students and Old Ags who have any dealings (especially education financed through W.F.) say "Quit it, or we'll quit you." This would be such an easy way to take some of the funding away from Planned Parenthood, and exculpate ourselves from undesired material cooperation with evil. Wells Fargo would have to listen, as they'd stand to lose probably millions of dollars in interest, someting no bank or financial institution wants. It'd be a perfect complement to the 40 Days.

Jeff said...

Isn't DePaul a private school? That's a bad example for rising costs if it is. If not...OUCH!!

I had to take out student loans at A&M, but the interest was VERY low and my payments are reasonable. Had I not been married, I could have qualified for some financial aid, but my wife is an RN and I was in retail the year before I started school, so we made too much to get aid.

I'm not complaining. We did what we had to do and I worked hard and now have a degree. It wasn't easy or cheap.

I don't know how to make it more affordable. Some people would say "put a cap on professors' salary", but I don't like that.

People complain about how much books cost, but how many "Fundamentals of Quantum Physics" textbooks do you think publishers sell in a year? Not many, so cost is high.

Education is expensive. Period.

Big Tex said...

My dad attended TAMU back in the early 70's. I recall seeing an old bill that my grandparents had. Included were tuition, books, fees, room & board, and laundry. The total was about $500 for one semester. Granted, this was 1970.

Fast forward 25 years, when I was an incoming freshman. Each semester of mine was close to $5000.

Sounds like things are getting worse. That deserves a horse laugh... hsssssssssssssssss!