Monday, July 2, 2007

Babies and Marriage - No Thank You

A Washington Post article that was summarized in our local paper got my attention yesterday. It stated that the number of people who believe that children are necessary for a happy marriage has fallen dramatically in recent years. In fact, it seems that sharing chores is more important...

This is a frightening development for our culture. When babies are no longer a part of marriage, then what does the purpose of marriage become (in a secular sense)?

Really, can anyone answer that question for me?


Anonymous said...

Um, a loving and permanent commitment between two people who love each other, want to spend the rest of their lives together, and want to demonstrate that to the world?

You know, sort of what marriage might mean to an infertile couple?

Marcel said...

I understand your point in reference to infertile couples, but when someone gets married and they intentionally leave out kids, then it really isn't love when we define love as "wanting the best for the other, regardless of the cost to myself". In most cases, people who don't want kids, don't want them because they are a bump in their lifestyle. That isn't love. That is selfishness, the opposite of self-giving love.

An infertile couple is a completely different story. Apples and oranges.

Jeff said...

I think, unfortunately, that marriage is just a social status symbol for some.

I think for some women, it just gets them a permanent "sugar daddy" so to speak.

For some men, I think it helps make them look more stable to business associates.

I agree with you, Marcel, when you say that it is pure selfishness to completely say no to children.

Can't fit many kids in a Porsche Boxster...