Thursday, June 21, 2007

Stem Cells - Again.

Bush vetoed another bill trying to get federal funding for fetal stem cells. Thank you Mr. President for standing up for the little ones who have no voice.

I have blogged previously on this subject (here and here) and I highly recommend that we continue to inform ourselves about the details that the mass media won't talk about. The President also issued a document talking more about the issue. In it he said:
The destruction of nascent life for research violates the principle that no life should be used as a mere means for achieving the medical benefit of another.

"Human embryos and fetuses, as living members of the human species, are not raw materials to be exploited or commodities to be bought and sold.


Gilbert said...


Apostolic Anchoress / Rowena Hullfire said...

Make sure you're clear on EMBRYONIC stem cells.

Adult stem cells - good.
Cord blood stem cells - good.
Animal stem cells - good.*
Embryonic stem cells - bad.

* My life was made much better recently due to a medicine synthesized from genetically modified Chinese hamster ovary stem cell line. God bless the lab geeks who figure this stuff out.