Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Simple Question

I am sure you have all heard complaints about what the Church does or how it does something (you might even have complained yourself). I, for one, would never want to have to make the decisions that a Bishop or the Pope has to make. But, let me hear from you. What would you do if you were Pope or Bishop?

I will remind everyone that neither has absolute authority, so within the actual bounds of their authority the question remains...what would you do?


tish said...

I would make a universal decision on how every parish should handle the Our Father!

Marcel said...

In what respect?

tish said...

I don't have a specific opinion on what the protocol should be. But I do believe a protocol is needed that states what a person's bodily stance should be when praying the Our Father as a community in Mass. Rather than our current situation, where some parishes hold hands, others don't, some extend across the aisle, some don't, some hold them longer than others, and then some people do their own thing anyways. One never knows what the people around them will do, which ends up being a big distraction leading up to the prayer which takes our focus away from where it should be, which is praying the prayer Christ taught us.

I know you have a specific thought on what the protocol should be Marcel. I just would like to see a unified action across the church!

Marcel said...

Gotcha. There is a silence from both the Vatican and USCCB on this issue. I do think these kind of issues are tangential and can detract from our real participation in the Mass though. Even though I know it would never effect Tish! :-)

For the most part it is harmless (even if I am not a big fan), and I think the Bishops see it this way as well, otherwise they would speak up about it.

Not that it shouldn't be addressed, but there seem to be bigger fish to fry. But, Pope Tish can do as she wishes. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Official vestments...Maroon and White!! WHOOP!!

Sign of peace...Gig 'em!!

Two words...Saint Sully!!

Okay, just kidding!

I would try to get a handle on Catholic politicians who support non-Catholic issues (abortion, for example).

I would try to reign in the priests who deviate from official Church teaching.

Just a couple of suggestions from an Aggie protestant who is contemplating a Tiber crossing...

Randy said...

I would teach the faith, especially the parts nobody talks about. I would encourage my priests and anyone else who would listen to do the same. Especially those who teach religion in Catholic schools or parishes.

There is so much else to do that is all good. Feed the hungry, visit the sick, etc. Most bishops do that well. I just think they are too timid in the teaching area.

tish said...

Actually, I'll ask Pope McMaster handle it, since I'll be his secretary/personal assistant!

gabriel said...

1. I'd change canon law so that Catholics who marry outside the Church are merely excommunicated rather than having their attempted marriages void.

2. I'd launch a reform of the reform.

3. I'd allow the college of cardinals to be expanded, and I'd allow aged cardinals to participate in conclaves.

The new Moto Proprio I think is a great idea, but as it's being done, I haven't listed it.
I don't think there are actually that many things that need changing- though I'm sure some areas could be better executed.

Ron said...

I'd sit in front of an abortuary until it shut down. Then I'd go on a holiday.

Anonymous said...

I would Excommunicate all Catholics who unjustly divorce along with every Catholic who supports them and rule that the Law cannot be altered or removed. I would use most of the money used for Pro-life activities for Pro-marriage activities, in particular helping to heal breaking and broken marriages. Then I would resign, pray and work for the things I just initiated.

Hidden One said...

Motu proprio past haste, encyclical on the liturgy, partiuclarly its importance and abuses, heavy end of hammer on Catholics dissenting from Church doctrine, massive condemnation of unitarian stuff, and in general bludgeon everything held up as progressive by the 'Spirit of Vatican 2 'Catholic' Faith community' blog. And then I'd bash the trads who say the Novus Ordo isn't valid for awhile, and lend my support to clergy in trouble for defending the Church, and then deal with the aftermath.

That would probably give me a full pontificate.