Friday, June 22, 2007

Contraception and Evangelicals

Contraception is not just a Catholic issue. It is a human issue. Too many times we Catholics are happy to keep the secrets of how contraception is the root of many of our cultural problems today to ourselves. We can no longer do this. This is part of the Gospel of Life.

Contraception is a human issue because it effects every aspect of sexuality. It effects relationships with spouses and their outlook on children. It effects the consumer mentality and the way couples communicate. It effects you and it effects me. It also has a huge effect on our neighbors who we are called to love.

I have said it before, but when this issue is framed properly, the issue is not a Catholic one. Several Evangelical ministers who are friends of mine stopped using contraception in their marriages after they were convicted that God was calling them to do so.

This is a conversation that we need to continue to have. There are now a great number of Evangelicals that are re-examining the issue and some are coming down on either side of it. The large evangelical periodical, Christianity Today, even has a "hot topic" section up about it.

We shouldn't keep the truth about contraception to ourselves, it was meant to be shared.

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Big Tex said...

Agreed. My wife and I have been teaching NFP for a couple years now, and our experience has been that half the couples we've taught are not Catholic. I recall two couples were Protestant ministers. The Church's teaching on contraception seems to be a secret.

The word is spreading. I keep encouraging my wife to be a presence at La Leche League meetings for that very purpose.