Friday, May 11, 2007

Copy Machine

We got a new copier yesterday. After we got through doing cartwheels and somersaults in rejoicing, Sarah wrote the following:

Ode to the Copier

Oh my dearest Copier
You could not make me grumpier

I will not miss your fickleness
your constant crash or jammed up mess

I will not miss your unreliability
your bi-weekly breakdown and incivility

We kicked and screamed and ranted and raved
We even made a tombstone grave (well, Marcel and I did)

We rallied and gathered and signed a petition
And daydreamed about your joyful destruction (preferably off the roof)

But I must say as you depart
You (sort of) have a place in my heart

You made us laugh . . . well, after we cried
You united us . . . well, as we conspired

And taught us patience . . . well, after we sighed
Okay, on second thought I think I lied . . .

You are fried

And fired


By Sarah Hayes

I think I had a little tear just run down my face...