Thursday, April 12, 2007

One Secret Not To Keep

Secrets. For me, they are hard to keep. I share most everything with a close circle of friends. Sometimes things just don’t seem real until I share them with these women. I don’t like things left unsaid or unshared.

But through time and maturity (it was a different story in Jr. High J) I’ve learned to keep secrets. Timing, sensitivities to others, and important factors make it necessary to keep secrets. I’ve accepted that.

Recently it seems I’ve had lots of secrets to keep. Some thrilling, some heart-breaking, some nerve-racking and some inspiring. All of them difficult to keep. And it made me realize something. There is one secret we should never keep! The “secret” of the Resurrection.

The followers of Jesus didn’t keep the Resurrection a secret. They ran to tell others. They shouted for joy. Peter even put on his clothes, dove in the water, and swam to shore to meet the risen Lord.

Am I that eager to encounter and share the risen Lord?

When I look out into the world today (and even into my own life) I realize that sometimes we act as if the Resurrection is a secret. I meet many Christians who are stressed and worried or bitter and hurting. I am all those things too at times. We sort of live life as if the Resurrection didn’t happen or as if the power of the Resurrection isn’t active in our lives. BUT IT IS!

Sometimes we are afraid to talk about our faith. We don’t want to offend, confuse, brag or reveal . . . so we keep it a secret. But we shouldn’t.

Christ conquered sin and death. Let’s not forget that. He rose from the dead! Let’s not keep that to ourselves!

This Easter season may we eagerly embrace the power of the Resurrection – let it heal us, strengthen us, inspire us and fill us with hope. And may we readily share the power of the Resurrection with others. Tell others what God has done for you and in you. Don’t keep that to yourself.

The Resurrection and Christ’s victory over sin and death is one secret not to keep! It is a message the whole world needs to know. So let’s go on and spill the beans.

-By Sarah Hayes