Thursday, February 10, 2011

3 Year-Old Theology Professors

Have you ever had one of those experiences with a child that taught you something about God? I think I could fill an encyclopedia with what my kids have taught me.

For example - My son (9) loves to play with his younger sisters. He commonly treats them with love and gentleness, it reminded me of how the Jesus treats us, his younger siblings. Because the two of us are the only "men" in the family, I have been very direct about telling him that his job is to "respect, protect, love, and serve" his family - esp. his mother and sisters. He really takes it seriously.

Here are a few other things my kids have taught me how to do (or do again):

  • laugh until it hurts, 
  • let the other person win,
  • truly forgive and let go, 
  • smile, 
  • give really big hugs, 
  • kiss boo-boos, 
  • enjoy playgrounds, 
  • pray with faith, 
  • look on the bright side, 
  • sing silly songs, 
  • laugh at horrible jokes, 
  • be so excited to see someone you love you have to jump up-and-down,
  • ask deep question, 
  • watch a bug, 
  • be amazed at plants growing, 
  • thank God for everything you have, 
  • fear letting your father down, 
  • negotiate with your competition, and 
  • love unconditionally. 

This is the short list.

I think I should have been given a degree in living life more fully for all I have learned from my little Ph.D.s.